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Property Partners: 20 years experience
in real estate investment

Property Partners is an independent leader in the management of pan-European real estate investment funds, based on the expertise of its local teams in Paris.

Our teams have an experience of more than 20 years with institutions and major groups, that cover the most dynamic economic areas.

This knowledge of local markets guarantees the relevance of real estate choices which are carried out with, as main requirements, liquidity and rapid asset valuation.

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Word from our CEO

I founded the Property Partners group in 2016. Previously, I was a Real Estate Institutional Pan European Investment Director (France, Benelux, Germany and England) acting on various types of assets (office, housing, hotel, warehouse, activity, etc.). I was also responsible for a broad scope such as Property, Asset and Fund management.

These 25 years experience with major companies lead me to acquire a great flexibility in the real estate world and above all, essential technical skills.

Rochdi HARS - President of Property Partners

Our strategy

Closer to the assets...
serving our investors!

Property Partners France combines financial, legal and technical skills with an in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector in Paris, and throughout France.

Our activity is centered on investment funds, assets management and its value maximization.

Property Partners builds customized funds whose real estate assets are physically identified and rigorously selected.

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in the management of real estate assets

Property Partners builds, actively manages and operates the real estate portfolio in the common interest of investors.

With Property Partners, buildings are constantly competitive in their own markets. Our approach is to guide investors securing of rental income, preservation of invested capital and constant valuation of assets.

property partners proche investisseurs actifs

Master every decision 
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Partnerships' leader (Fund management, Asset management), Property Partners combines its financial, legal and technical skills with in-depth knowledge of the real estate in France.

We are proud to be the number one reference in the real estate club-deal market.

Diversify your assets 
through investment opportunities

Until know restricted to institutions, CLUBS DEAL in added value now allow well-informed investors to have access to investment opportunities offering attractive returns as well as the diversification of their portfolio.

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Our expertise

Revaluing the french
real estate asset

property partners valorisation bureaux

Office valuation

Residential buildings restruturing

property partners valorisation residentielle

Residential valuation

Land valuation (promotion)

Renovations implemented by Property Partners particularly concern the most devalued real estate assets, in order words without great structural quality (typically the equipment of the 1960s and 1970s).

In this context, they bring not only energy, economic and environmental benefits, but also contribute to the overall revaluation of the devalued real estate heritage by restoring its architectureand improving comfort.

Property value

Complete rehabilitation of a private mansion and construction of luxury villas
property partners valorisation fonciere boulogne billancourt
property partners commerce goyard biarritz

Premium trade

Shop rental valuation in Biarritz

property partners optimisation fonciere lyon

Property optimization

Separation or property rights

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