The Property Partners group:
a vision, strong values

Who are we ?

Group introduction :
its history and experience

Word from our CEO

I founded the Property Partners group in 2016. Previously, I was a Real Estate Institutional Pan European Investment Director (France, Benelux, Germany and England) acting on various types of assets (office, housing, hotel, warehouse, activity, etc.). I was also responsible for a broad scope such as Property, Asset and Fund management.

These 25 years experience with major companies lead me to acquire a great flexibility in the real estate world and above all, essential technical skills.

Rochdi HARS - President of Property Partners

groupe property partners paris dirigeants

The Property Partners management team: 
Combination between expertise and skills

Rochdi HARS

  • Founder and President
    of the Property Partners group
  • 25 years experience
    In the real estate


  • Managing director
    of the Property Partners group
  • Over 18 years experience
    In the real estate

Strong values
for a broad vision

Beyond its involvement with investors, the Property Partners group is driven by strong values such as our commitment and our implication in the real estate asset management.


Ethics predominates in every investments we make. Our restructuring and enhancement projects are meant to rethink the real estate asset for a sustainable eco-friendly future.


Our projects are carefully studied by thebest experts and architects. Our teams in charge of projects are rigorously selected for their respective skills. Our employees have been working for more than 20 years in the real estate investment.


As experts, our main goal is to stay close to sellers, marketers and, above all, our customers. It is also for this reason that we keep a structure on a human scale because we consider that small teams outperform large companies.


We claim to be fundamentally different from promoters. In this way, we act on medium-sized operations (between 700 and 1000 m²) in order to maintain our responsiveness and delivery capacity.


We put our clients' interest first before thinking about highlighting our firm. It is also one of the keys to our responsiveness.

Sustainable partnerships

We are committed to maintain the best relationships with our partners over the long term.It is in our DNA. Our partners actively participate in the executive teams.

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